Negative Effects
of Divorce


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Divorce Affects Everyone

When a marriage comes to an end, there’s most certainly an emotional fallout. That fallout can spread from the ex-spouses to any children they have and to society as a whole. To get a full understanding of the negative effects of divorce, it’s good to study the many intersections involved that are related divorce. Doing so allows adults, children, and society to truly see the big picture.

Effects on Adults

When it comes to the harmful effects of divorce on adults, one of the most common is symptoms of depression and can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts. Also, depending on the length of the marriage and each spouses’ financial status before the marriage, adults commonly experience a decrease in income after divorce, creating a financial burden. Another negative effect is not having enough time to deal with work, chores, and children.

Effects on Children

Young children might not understand the concept of divorce. It’s also common for children to feel a sense of loss when one parent moves out or is absent more than usual. Kids might also become preoccupied and distracted wondering if they’ll have to change schools, move, or have new step parents. When divorce is inevitable, a divorce lawyer can help find a family therapist to help children cope with the changes that are taking place.

Effects on Society

Divorce can also take a negative toll on society. Single-parent families might not have the same economic, educational, and job opportunities as families with two incomes and both parents living in the same household causing the need for government assistance. Kids of divorced parents might act out through crime, drug abuse, and violence, creating a huge burden on taxpayers to pay for incarceration and mental health therapy.

Minimizing Divorce's Damage

The negative effects of divorce and the many individuals that divorce can impact shouldn’t suggest that couples should not get divorced if they feel doing so is the only path to a happier life. Instead, it should be used as a way to minimize those negative effects before they happen. Taking proactive measures now can certainly help prevent serious problems from occurring later.